by Ancient Egypt

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released December 29, 2016

Ben Johnson - Drums
Nik Trogi - Bass
Sean Gordon - Guitar, Vox

Art Cred: Stephanie Mcanallen @stephaniellorente



all rights reserved


Ancient Egypt Tempe, Arizona


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Track Name: Place
Hang around that same old place
You're not the one don't be afraid
Its fixing old holes inside your walls
Go fix those holes inside your walls

I'm not trying to make history or trying to get help
I'm simply trying to do something with myself
I never had enough to say
well now I feel like I have too much to say these days
Track Name: Canned Food
She got half her hair shaved off
Then she went and shaved the rest
Shes such a little creeper
She feels like she needs to go everywhere with friends
Golden necklaces that dangle off her neck
And those earrings that stain her ears but
She still wears them shes a Japanese queen
But shes not

She bought a guitar
She said she wanted to learn
She said she wanted to learn
She said she wanted to LEARN

I ran into this funky doll
She was at the farmers market
She says she doesn't like to buy pears
She said they taste salty

She thinks they're salty
So she doesn't buy them
Now he doesn't buy them either

She was obsessed with food out of cans
He was on the news for saving an old man
Track Name: You Don't Care
Wake up, paint a smile on your face, draw your eyebrows on
Tell the world exactly what you want
Ill try to forget about your desecration
Tell me, do you feel any worse?
Is every day a chore?
You don't want to live anymore
You cant get out of bed
Oh, you're hurting yourself and you don't care

Baby, everyone in this world wouldn't care if you died
The poison stings, well that's alright
Ill try, and watch you sleep
Painfully, the words you told me they stung.
The angels cry in their dreams
I can only think what that means
And i can never tell you
Oh, that you're hurting yourself and you don't care
You don't care at all
Track Name: Devil
Its probably one of those stories that only we would know
Everyone tries to paint you as a demon that wrecked it like seven years of bad luck breaking mirrors along the wall
You cant look at your old lipstick-smeared face anymore

You're not that devil you think you are
You don't believe in ghouls
So how could you break these 'seven-years-bad-luck' mirrors hanging off the fucking wall?
Track Name: Bridge
Thought i was done writing spiteful songs
Until i met you
I don't blame you for the way that you treat me
I treat you like a fool
You're so beautiful
You're so nice to me
It was too good to be true, I knew your instabilities would lead you somewhere new

I can not believe, what my hearts gotten itself into again
I'm rolling over, in my shallow grave
And if I jump from this bridge, I would not die
And if I lived in a city with a big enough bridge the wind would knock me off
Sit on the corner and think about it every day
That's how I pass the time away
Every since I had that disgusting talk with you
Ever since I had that disgusting talk with you my life changed in one day
I'm afraid of dying alone, I screw everything up
And every-time I get another shot, I don't learn a thing
I guess it keeps me here
I guess it keeps me going
I love being depressed
I love being depressed, or so it seems
Track Name: Away
Shes not sad
It may be strange but I can see it going on behind those daunting eyes
And I know some people can't be saved but I tried to be her white knight
And the people probably say you must be crazy for not falling in love
There's something going on, lets get together again

Drugs and alcohol ruin the y-generation
And I don't know if I could even help yourself under my skin
And I know that maybe my change is not for me
I guess i'm not depressed anymore but I still feel something there

Its like I've been sad for so long that I cant even tell if i'm having fun
Its like I've been away for so long that I cant even tell if i'm here or not
Its like I've been this way for so long that I cant even tell if it is my fault
Track Name: Mockingbird
There was nothing there for you my little mockingbird
You don't think that you can get by on your own
Frustrated you give in to them
Overwhelmed you try your hardest to fit in

Well there was nothing there for you my little mockingbird
You're caught up with all the beautiful things that you've heard
One by one they'll have their turn making you cry
One by one they'll have their turn eating you alive