by Ancient Egypt

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released December 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Ancient Egypt Tempe, Arizona


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Track Name: Instruction Manual for a Gravitational Device
Chapter one, in a life unlike our own.
In a world unlike our own.,

[{EndProcess}:/Chapter one..]
Track Name: Sensory Adaptation
I cant believe: that everything in my life is wrong, and everything that i have to say isn't getting through your skull.

{Controlling flying tigers riding bicycles: Unconsciousness.
Haunting perspectives, fleeting towards positives.
Life is not a game little children, there's no reappearance; Appear at court hearings with undoubted coherence.
Man is evil
Man is god.
Man is a fucking fraud, over waves of ignorance drowning the applause.
True genius dies, while society collapse, ideas from the past seem to be our last}
Track Name: Cyber-Kinetic Memories
{Awoken in the meadow}
Track Name: Death Proposal
I need to go through this here; I gotta go through this trail-and-error love-scheme ritual, we seem to carry on our backs.

Never thought id pursue
Never thought id believe.

I'm always biting off more than i can chew; i thought of a Belize coral reef.
I'm just asking for your help..
Track Name: Haunted Constellations
You could never be my jet engine.

Could never be the wind beneath my wings, concluding the only..
concluding the only..

Concluding the only decisions alluding the thought of a friction..

This passive aggressive, hardly progressive, dream dialect speeding in a certain pattern!

I dont wanna be that guy!

Track Name: Hidden Trivia
[I know its not fair. I know its not fair, but nothing in life ever is]

I wish I got to knew you last night.. I really do
but I blew it..

But that dont mean I cant get to know you over some drinks, at my house now..

She said "Why you gotta be at my house? Why you trying to get me <DRUNK> Why you trying to do these things?"

I aint trying to do nothing unless you are
I aint trying to be your star
I aint trying to be your star
{I aint trying to do nothing unless you are
I aint trying to be your star
I aint trying to be your star}
Track Name: Serpentus Momentus
<You Took my Purity>
Im crossing over to see the other side, but i need a beacon for entry.
Could it be you?
Could it be you, my darling, my pretty damsel in distress
my damsel in this nightmare of mine..
Track Name: Eternal Conflict
Who knows how to kill the queen, when shes tarnishing our self esteem
You'll go, to the mighty sea riding the wings of a serpentine!
Track Name: Another Atlas Misprint
I was very succumbing today, not really myself in any other way.
I guess so i can live (see) this way.
I guess so i can throw my life away..
Can we survive alone?
Im starting to get this feeling of dependence on humanity..

I was discourted today, not really finding myself anything to say.
I wonder why I feel this way?
I wonder why I want to throw my life away..
Can we survive alone?
Im starting to get this feeling of reliance on humanity


I cant believe you'd come to my house and tell me straight to me
that you're going to take these things from me
then you walked into the destiny oh..

Dont need us
Dont need them!

cant believe you told me that you needed more than life could bring so you ask us "oh what do you...? can i kill my..... i cant say it!"
Track Name: Sudden Sense of Solem
I wanna get a <saucy foreign lass>
sauced in the cornerstone, kiss some glass
oh its such a pleasant thing naivete
[Oh you're such a pleasant thing my diamond ring]

Cant believe it.
Believe it.

I've hurt myself one last time..
I wish you can be mine...
But I've gotta just accept it..
Track Name: Far Away
I'm not too far away. I'm not far away.

I remember you told the stories that night and they sounded beautiful!
I remember you lied right to our faces and it felt so crucial..
because you were exploited by the priestess and her child.. oh

I can hear the photograph, you sailed that winter
I feel the open draft, that you touch.
Empire walls, i can hear connections.

I'm not too far away.
Track Name: Landing Equipment
The barbers hairs a mess, un-kept some would say ironic.
I know your story's just begun and you've been struck down to us.

To us you're GREAT!

I wish that i can look upon the times we had and laugh; I wish we had a pretty photograph
I wish that you could see me for the person that i am
Instead of this old person that i am..

To us you're GREAT!